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1. How Late Can I Go For Hajj And How Soon Can I Leave?

You can time your arrival into Jeddah to coincide with the last date for Hajj flights to land at Jeddah and the first date, after Hajj, for flights to leave. Usually about ten days within which you can perform your Hajj but no likelihood of visiting Madina.

2. What Is The Travelling Method Throughout The Visit?

The transfer from Hajj terminal to either Makkah or Madinah by coach will take a long time. You will not be allowed to board until your passport matters are sorted. During the 5 days of Hajj, the main means of transport will be via coach. But, please be prepared for delays throughout. As traffic and other such issues are beyond our control. In a nut shell, the transfers are chaotic and very likely to be delayed for hours. So patience is very important.

3. Where Can I Change Into Ihram?

From the prescribed Miqat. However, passengers on airliners should be in Ihram before their flight and should perform the Salat and Niyyat for the Ihram, you must make Niyyat for your Ihram prior to boarding your flight even though the Miqat may be hours after the takeoff. This is a precautionary measure to overcome the likelihood of you being asleep when the Miqat is crossed and no Niyyat having being made.

4. Can I Fly To And From Makkah And Madnah?

No. This is simply because there is no airport in Makkak,. You can fly to Madinah from Jeddah, to travel to Makkah or from Makkah to Madinah via Jeddah. Distance between Jeddah and Makkah is about 45 miles and takes about one and half hours by car.

5. Can A Person Change Clothes Of Ihram To Wash Themselves?

There is no harm in washing the clothes whilst in ihram. You can also change them for others and wear new or washed clothing.

6. Can A Woman Wear Any Sort Of Clothes As Her Ihram?

Yes, she may enter the ihram in whatever clothing she wants. There is no specific type of clothing that she must wear for ihram. It is best for her to enter the ihram in clothing which is not beautiful and will not attract the one who sees it. This is because she is going to be mixing with men. It should be comfortable and customary.

7. Who Will Help Me If I Am Disabled?

Unfortunately we do not provide personal service. You will need to arrange a helper yourself. But we will try our utmost to assist you the best we can.

8. If I Am Ill Or Injured Who Will Take Care Of Me?

Unfortunately people do fall ill. In case of minor or serious illness, we will do our best to assist in seeking medical attention. However, we cannot and do not provide personal service. We will advise and assist should you be taken seriously ill and need hospitalisation within the given limits of our ability.

9. Would You Recommend Insurance Cover For The Journey?

We, as your Hajj Tour Organisers, do not accept any form of liability for whatever eventuality whilst travelling with us. The best recommendation is that you acquire sufficient and satisfactory insurance cover.

10. Is It Possible For A Female Travel Without A Mehram?

No. One of the conditions of Hajj, for you as a woman, is that you must travel in the company of your Mehrim, be it your husband, brother, father etc.

11. Is A Woman Who Does Not Have A Male Relative, Obliged To Perform Hajj?

The woman who does not have a mahram is not obligated to perform the Hajj. This is because a mahram, is part of the necessary aspects of having the means to perform the Hajj.

12. Can I Perform Hajj If I Am In Debt?

Consult your Aalim or a Mufti if he is available for advice. We take the view that the conditions of Hajj are clear and that you should clear your debts prior to leaving home for Hajj.

13. Can I Change My Planned Journey, Accommodation Or The Hotel?

Once you arrive at your destination and not find the accommodation to your liking than it is up to you if you wish to change to another one. You will have to pay the full amount for the new abode and you will not be compensated or repaid from the charge you had paid us because you intend to change over. Similarly, your travel plan is not changed by us. If you choose to change any part of it then you will be responsible for any surcharges that may arise as a result.


There is no answer to this question. But you should consider the following, emergency contingency such as offering a sacrifice for breach of hajj condition, loss of your airline ticket resulting in payment for a new ticket or for burial if someone dies.

15. Is It Beter To Take Cash Or Travellers Cheques?

Both if possible.

16. What Is The Best Way To Protect Personal Possession / Valuables?

Do you need to take such valuables with you in the first place? If you do, than check with your Hajj Group Leader whether he can arrange for the safekeeping of your possession. Most hotels have a safe deposit box or hotel safe which is offered for you to keep your valuables. You must find out the terms and conditions for such safe keeping as the group leaders will not take any responsibility for such facility provided by the hotels.

17. How Many Qurbani’s (Sacrifices) Do I Have To Offer?

You must offer one sacrifice as a compensation of release from your Ihram.

18. Is This Qurbani The Same As The One Offered On Eid-ul-adha?

No. This sacrifice, when performing Hajj, is for the release of Ihram and must be carried out immediately after stoning of the first Jamaraat on 10th Zul Hajj. You can then cut/shave your hair and be free from your Ihraam.

19. How Do I Know Whether I Need To Pay A Damm (Penalty) Or Not?

Only you know- apart from Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala, whether or not you have breached one or some of the processes of Hajj. The best way of ensuring that you observe the conditions is to be prepared and read up on these such matters before travelling for Hajj.

20. Does The Menstrual Cycle Affect The Hajj?

There are some aspects of the Hajj that cannot be performed if a woman has her monthly period but can carry on with Hajj. She must not enter into the Harmein and must not perform Tawaaf. Consult your Aalim (scholar) on further detail.

21. What If The Period Starts Whilst Performing Tawaaf Or Inside The Harmein?

Stop the Tawaaf and leave the Harmein. Consult your Aalim (scholars) on further detail.

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